431 S Stapley Dr. Unit 3 Mesa, AZ 85204 (intersection of Stapley & Broadway)


All students are required to attend at least two classes, Monday through Thursday.

Class schedule is as follows:

Monday(Beginners): 6pm-9pm
Tuesday(Advanced): 6pm-9pm
Wednesday(Beginners): 6pm-9pm
Thursday(Advanced): 6pm-9pm
Friday(Mixed): Open Gym(Hours vary)
Saturday(Mixed): Open Gym(Hours vary)
Sunday(Mixed): Open Gym(Hours vary)


New Students:

$200 sign up fee plus first month’s tuition ($300 total) $100 per month due the 1st of every month
$200 sign up fee $800 for one full year, paid in advance **This method saves the student $400 for the year**

Experienced Students:

Tuition costs are reduced for experienced students. Please contact us directly for details/pricing.