As many may or may not know, the sport of professional wrestling can be grueling and dangerous, not only on the body, but also on the minds and the spirits of those involved. We feel that the most accomplished wrestlers are the ones set up with a solid foundation and who receive consistent top-notch training not only inside the ropes, but elsewhere to ensure they can lead happy, positive and successful lives.

We began recognizing the need for a high-level training center within our home state of Arizona. Collective minds were gathered with decades of experience and knowledge, as well as the necessary resources to bring to the valley a legitimate professional wrestling training center. In addition to technical knowledge, trainees will also learn valuable life lessons that can be utilized across many professional avenues along with dealing with life’s perils.

Finally, we conclude that in order to make a difference, we must have our trainee’s best interests at heart. We believe they will not care how much we know, until they in turn, know how much we care.